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APRAC-3: Emission and diffusion modeling package

The Air Pollution Research Advisory Committee model - APRAC-3 computes traffic pollution mainly in an urban area, given a network of roads. It has been used to simulate the diffusion of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. Computationally, it relies on the use of the gaussiam plume approximation, but its more interesting feature is perhaps in the assistance in evaluating traffic emissions.

The model package consists of three modules: a preprocessor of emission factors (based on the program MOBILE1 from the US EPA), the computation of emissions (both along the main traffic paths and in each square of the grid in which the area under analysis must be divided), the computaion of pollutant diffusion with specific attention to the problem of urban canyons.


area: air quality
objectives: simulation, forecasting
description: traffic pollution, gaussian plume,line sources, urban site, hydrocarbons, pollutants from combustion, nitrogen oxides, short term


The model is part of UNAMAP and is available on magnetic tape from:
Computer Products
National Technical Information Service
U. S. Department of Commerce
Springfield, Virginia 22161
Phone (703) 487-4650


P. B. Simmon, R. M. Patterson, F.L. Ludwig, L. B. Jones
Atmospheric Science Center
SRI International
333 Ravenswood Avenue
Menlo Park, California 94025


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