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BIOCON: Parameter estimation of a bioconcentration model

BIOCON (Bioconcentration) is a program to estimate the accumulation of toxic substances in living organisms.
It is based on a simple autoregressive model, the parameters of which are estimated with a least square procedure. The assumption is that the organism takes the substance directly from the environment and not through the food chain.
Data necessary are records of the environmental and organism concentrations and the output are the uptake and bioconcentration coefficients that can be used to forecast the response of the organism to different environmental concentrations.


area: dynamics of natural ecosystems
objectives: parameter estimation, simulation
description: bioconcentration, autoregressive model direct pollution uptake, bacterial and fish populations, acquatic ecosystems


The program is available at:
Citta' Studi scrl
Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 7
20133 Milano
Tel. 02-2361583
Fax. 02-2367642


Marino Gatto
Dipartimento di Elettronica ed Informazione
Politecnico di Milano
Via Ponzio 34/5
20133 Milano, Italy


  • Silvana Galassi, Marino Gatto "BIOCON, manuale d'uso". CLUP, Milano.



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