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CALINE: A Dispersion Model for Predicting Air Pollutant Levels Near Highways and Arterial Streets

The program computes the effect on air quality, measured at up to 20 locations, of up to 20 stretches of a motorway running on a relative flat terrain, in an urban or rural environment. It is based on the gaussian plume approximation, but also includes the possibility of taking into account deposition and sedimentation in order to compute the concentration of particulate matter.


area: air quality
objectives: simulation
description: traffic pollution, gaussian plume, line sources, traffic sources, urban sites, rural environment, short term, inactive pollutant, particulate matter


CALINE3 is available on diskette from NTIS as PB80-220833.

The model is also available at California Department of Transportation.
You can download the software directly from Caltrans

or from

EPA - SCRAM Models

or directly: http://www.epa.gov/scram001/models/othreg/caline3.zip

For inquiries:
Mr. Marlin Beckwith
Chief, Office of Computer Systems
California Department of Transportation
1120 N. Street
Sacramento, California 95814


Paul E. Benson
Office of transportatrion Laboratory
California Department of Transportation
Sacramento, California 95807


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