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DYNTOX: Dynamic Toxics Model

DYNTOX (Dynamic Toxics Model) is a probabilistic model to locate diffuse pollution. It may be used with continuous simulation, Monte Carlo simulation or a log normal analysis. It is mainly used for aquatic ecosystems and has a specific interface.

This tool assesses the impact of toxic discharges on receiving water quality over the entire range of historical and future conditions. DYNTOX is both a steady state and dynamic wasteload allocation (WLA) model. Historical and future conditions are analyzed to define the frequency and duration of exposure above specified limits. Simplified pre- and post-processing capabilities are being developed for DYNTOX. Additional new features of the model include partial mix factors and variable water quality criteria for metals and ammonia.


area: dynamics of natural ecosystem
objectives: simulation, analysis
description: ecotoxicology, aquatic ecosystems.


The program is available at: Center for Exposure Assessment Modeling (CEAM)
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Environmental Research Laboratory
College Station Road
Athens, Georgia 30613
(404) 546-3123 / (FTS) 250-3123


Mr David Dilks
Limno-Tech Inc.


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  • "Dynamic Toxics Waste Allocation Model, Illustrative Examples", USEPA Monitoring and Data Support Division, Washington, D.C.



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