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HEC-3: Reservoir System Analysis for Conservation

The HEC-3 program (Reservoir System Analysis for Conservation) allows the simulation of a reservoir system for water conservation (low flow augmentation, recreation, navigation, agricultural water supply, hydroelectric production).
The program offers only a moderate support for flood control evaluation, for which HEC-5 is better suited.


area: surface water - hydrology
objectives: simulation, planning
description: reservoir management, water conservation, reservoir systems, agricultural water supply, tourism, navigation, hydroelectric production


The program is available at:

Water Resources Publications
P.O. Box 260026
Highlands Ranch
Colorado, U.S.A. 80126-0026
Fax: (303) 790-9509


The Hydrologic Engineering Center
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
609 Second Street
Davis, CA 95616-4687
Phone (916) 756-1104


  • HEC-3 User's Manual - Hydrologic Engineering Center, CPD-3A, 1985.



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