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HIWAY: A Highway Air Pollution Model

The HYWAY model was developed by U.S. EPA for the evaluation of air pollution due to a motorway in flat terrain and for a given traffic condition (assumed to be equivalent to a linear pollution source). It is based on the gaussian plume approximation which is adapted to represent the pollution due to each lane, and corrected to account for low wind conditions.
HYWAY cannot deal with severe obstacles to the air flux (buildings, large tree areas) or with complex terrains.


area: air quality
objectives: simulation
description: traffic pollution, gaussian plume, line sources, traffic sources, short term, short range, stationary conditions, pollutant from combustion, inactive pollutant


The model is part of UNAMAP and is available on magnetic tape from:
Computer Products
National Technical Information
Service U.S.Department Of commerce
Springfield, Virginia 22161,
Tel (703) 487- 4650.


William B. Petersen
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Research and Development
Research Triangle Park, NC 27711


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