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MOC: Method Of Characteristics

MOC is a groundwater flow and quality model based on the Method of Characteristics. It allows the simulation of a non conservative pollutant in the saturated zone of a confined aquifer. The aquifer may be non homogeneous and anisoropic and the program can take into account convective transport, hydrodynamic dispersion, diluition due to external recharge and chemical reactions. It is very flexible and can be adapted to a wide variety of situations.
The model works on a regular grid of 40 x 40 cells for flow computation and 20 x 20 cells for pollution transport (version 3.0).


area: ground water
objectives: simulation
description: water flow, water quality, method of characteristics, finite differences, chemical reactive pollutant, confined aquifers, heterogeneus spatial conditions


The program is available at:

IGWMC Europe
TNO Institute of Applied Geoscience
P.O. Box 012
2600 JA Delft, The Netherlands
Phone: +31.15.697215
FAX: + 31.15.564800
Order Nø FOS 07 PC


Scientific Software Group
P.O. BOX 23041,
Whashington, D.C. 20026-3041
Phone: 703-620-9214
Fax: 703-620-6793


L.F. Konikow and J.D. Bredehoeft
U.S. Geological Survey


  • L.F. Konikow and J.D. Bredehoeft, COMPUTER MODEL OF TWO-DIMENSIONAL SOLUTE TRANSPORT AND DISPERSION IN GROUND WATER, Book 7 Chapter C2 of "Techniques of Water Resources" investigation of the United States Geological Survey, U.S. Government Printing Office, 1978.



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