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MT3D: A modular three-dimensional transport model

MT3D is a three-dimensional groundwater flow and pollution model that simulates convective and dispersion fluxes as well as chemical reactions of a solute in an aquifer. It may use, depending upon the user choice, either the method of characteristics, a modified version of it, or a mixture of the two. It has been build in a modular fashion so that new modules, taking into account different phenomena, may be easily added to the code.
MT3D can be considered as a three-dimensional extension of MODFLOW, from which it inherits both some computational methods and the overall program structure.


area: ground water
objectives: simulation
description: water flow, water quality, method of characteristics, chemical reactive pollutants, three-dimensional domains


The program is available at:
S.S. Papadopulos & Associates Inc.
12250 Rockville Pike, Suite 290
Rockville, Maryland 20852


C. Zheng
S.S. Papadopulos & Associates Inc.
12250 Rockville Pike, Suite 290
Rockville, Maryland 20852


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