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OCD: Offshore and Coastal Dispersion model

The Offshore and Coastal Dipersion Model (OCD) is an extension of the classical gaussian plume model, specifically designed to evaluate the impact of coastal or offshore emission sources. Its option allows to differentate the meteorological situation over the land and the sea, to account for offshore downwash, to evaluate the partial penetration of the plume when a temperature inversion is present, and to compute fumigation episodes. It assumes short distances and short time intervals.


area: air quality
objectives: simulation
description: coast site, offshore site, gaussian plume, multiple point sources, inactive pollutant


You can download the software from
EPA - SCRAM Models

or directly: http://www.epa.gov/scram001/models/othreg/ocd5.zipOCD version 5 Executable (7.77MB,ZIP)
http://www.epa.gov/scram001/models/othreg/ocd5for.exeOCD version 5 source code(175KB,EXE)

The software is distributed from:
Minerals Management Service
12203 Sunrise Valley Drive, Mail Stop 644
Reston, VA 22091, USA.


Steve Hanna, Lloyd Schulman, Robert Paine and Jonathan Pleim
Environmental Research And Technology, inc.
696 Virginia Road
Concord, Massachussets 01742 - USA


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  • Hanna S., Schulman L., Paine R., Pleim J. (1984). "The Offshore and Coastal Dispersion (OCD) Model User's Guide", Revised. OCS Study, MMS 84-0069.
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