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PTPLU: A Single Source Gaussian Dispersion Algorithm

PTPLU is a classical air pollution model for a single point source based on the gaussian plume assumption. It uses Briggs' formulas to compute the plume effective height, the atmospheric stability classes of Pasquill and the Pasquill-Gifford dispersion parameters. It assumes flat terrain, non reactive pollutant and short term and range. Its typical use is for evaluating the position of the peak ground level concentration that may be computed by automatically testing several tens of combinations of meteorological factors.


area: air quality
objectives: simulation
description: gaussian plume, peak concentration, single point source, short term, short range, inactive pollutant


The model is part of UNAMAP and is available on diskette from:
Computer Products
National Technical Information Service
U. S. Department of Commerce
Springfield, Virginia 22161
Phone (703) 487-4650


Thomas E. Pierce, D. Bruce Turner, Joseph A. Catalano and Frank V. Hale
3303 Harbor Boulevard
Costa Mesa, CA 92626


  • Thomas E. Pierce, D.Bruce Turner, Joseph A.Catalano, Frank V.Hale. PTPLU A Single Source Gaussian Dispersion Algorithm. User's Guide. Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park. PB83-211235.



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