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QUAL2E: The Enhanced Stream Water Quality Models

The Enhanced Stream Water Quality Model (QUAL2E) is applicable to well mixed, dendritic streams. It simulates the major reactions of nutrient cycles, algal production, benthic and carbonaceous demand, atmospheric reaeration and their effects on the dissolved oxygen balance. It can predict up to 15 water quality constituent concentrations.
QUAL2E is intended as a water quality planning tool for developing total maximum daily loads (TMDLs) and can also be used in conjunction with field sampling for identifying the magnitude and quality characteristics of nonpoint sources.
By operating the model dynamically, the user can study diurnal dissolved oxygen variations and algal growth. However, the effects of dynamic forcing functions, such as headwater flows or point source loads, cannot be modeled with QUAL2E.

QUAL2EU is an enhancement allowing users to perform three types of uncertainty analyses: sensitivity analysis, first order error analysis, and Monte Carlo simulation.
The Windows interface provides input screens to facilitate preparing model inputs and executing the model. It also has help screens and provides graphical viewing of input data and model results.


area: surface water - hydrology
objectives: simulation, planning
description: water quality, river quality, oxygen dynamics, algal growth, point sources, nutrient cycles, open channels


The program is available at:
Center for Exposure Assessment Modeling (CEAM)
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Research and Development
Environmental Research Laboratory
960 College Station Road
Athens, Georgia 30605-2720
Tel. 706/546-3549
email: ceam@athens.ath.epa.gov

The software ca be downloaded at the QUAL2E page.


Linfield C. Brown
Department of Civil Engineering,
Tufts university
Medford, MA 02155 - U.S.A.


Thomas O. Barnwell, Jr.
Environmental Research laboratory
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Athens, GA 30613 - U.S.A.


  • "The Enhanced Stream Water Quality Models QUAL2E and QUAL2E-UNCAS: Documentation and User's Manual." (EPA 600/3-87-007). NTIS Accession Number: PB87 202 156.



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