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RAM: Gaussian Plume Multiple Source Air Quality Algorithm

The RAM program implements a gaussian plume multiple source air quality model that simulates the short term (1-24 hours) ground level concentrations of a pollutant at an urban scale on flat terrain. Its main features are the possibility of taking into account elevated area sources and of computing pollutant concentrations in no wind conditions. Chemical reactions are simply evaluated as a first order decay with a user defined time constant. The model uses the hypothesis of the narrow plume, so that only the sources within a 22.5° sector influence a given receptor site.


area: air quality
objectives: simulation
description: gaussian plume, elevated sources, point sources, area sources, urban sites, short term, flat terrain


You can download the software from
EPA - SCRAM Models

or directly: http://www.epa.gov/scram001/models/othreg/ram.zip

The model is part of UNAMAP and is available on diskette from:
Computer Products
National Technical Information Service
U. S. Department of Commerce
Springfield, Virginia 22161
Phone (703) 487-4650


Joseph A. Catalano
Aerocomp, Inc.
3303 Harbor Boulevard
Costa Mesa, CA 92626


D. Bruce Turner and Joan H. Novak
RTP, NC 27711


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