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TUPOS: A Multiple Source Gaussian Dispersion Algorithm Using On-Site Turbulence Data

TUPOS is a refinement of the MPTER air quality model that can exploit information about the vertical wind profile and has improved methods to compute the plume fluctuations and effective height as well as its partial penetration in the stable layer. It works for short time intervals with multiple point sources, but assumes flat terrain conditions and cannot account for deposition or fumigation episodes.


area: air quality
objectives: simulation
description: gaussian plume, vertical wind data, point sources, short range, short term, inactive pollutant


The model is part of UNAMAP and is available on diskette from:
Computer Products
National Technical Information Service
U. S. Department of Commerce
Springfield, Virginia 22161
Phone (703) 487-4650


Joseph A. Catalano
Aerocomp, Inc.
3303 Harbor Boulevard
Costa Mesa, CA 92626


D. Bruce Turner and Thomas Chico
RTP, NC 27711


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